Interview: How YouTube meditation vids helped Hong Kong’s Edgar Cheung become Olympic fencing champion

Hong Kong men’s foil fencer Edgar Cheung Ka-long – who became an Olympic champion in Tokyo on Monday, ending the city’s 25-year gold medal drought – credits meditation for the feat which has made him a household name.

Fervent crowds in Hong Kong hailed the 24-year-old as a “Fencing God” and marvelled at his ability to remain unshaken at crunch times, especially in a thrilling quarter-final that almost dashed Cheung’s dreams of an Olympic podium.

Edgar Cheung. Photo: Sports Federation and Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China.

In an interview with HKFP two days after his historic victory, the Olympic hero revealed it was his mindfulness meditation practice – using YouTube videos – that helped him regain composure at critical moments in his bouts.